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Station Manager’s Post: Future Faith

According to the 2011 census, Norwich has the highest proportion of respondents in England and Wales reporting “no religion”. This, despite the fact that it was once said to have a church for every week of the year.

This makes Norwich a faith ‘talking-point’ for the UK. Because of this, it makes sense that we have a faith show on Future Radio.

‘Future Faith’ is a monthly show on Future Radio, every first Saturday of the month at 2pm. Presented by Jo and Helen, the programme looks to cover a huge range of beliefs and religions by having guests from a wide range of backgrounds and different countries.

I caught up with Jo and Helen to find out more about the show, and why it came about. Jo said:

“Helen had already been involved with Pride Live on Future Radio, and then talked to me about the idea of making Future Faith. Our city is becoming more multicultural and it helps us all get on if we understand about each other’s beliefs.”

Jo and Helen met at church, but are keen to talk to people from different with backgrounds: “We hope that people who would like to share their beliefs with us will come forward to be on the show. Other people’s lives, beliefs and practices are fascinating and hopefully every listener hears something that interests them, whether or not they have a faith.”

Helen is keen to stress that the guests on the show are given a fair chance to have their say:

“The show is never confrontational, less Jeremy Paxman and more ‘thought for the day’. We always interview people with the spirit of enquiry in order to understand where they are coming from.

“We had a Buddhist on the show recently and he was fascinating.  What he said about life and how to deal with it really chimed with me.  He talked about suffering and how we tend to add to suffering by our own attitudes.”

Jo and Helen really get what Future Radio is trying to achieve. Jo told me:

“I’m a big fan of Future Radio, the music’s great and I love the focus on our community.   Future radio really seems to focus on what a great place Norwich is as well as giving lots of people (like ourselves) a chance to air our views, learn some new skills and play our music.”

Tune into their show this Saturday at 2pm.


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Hello all!

It’s time to update our Future Radio Tumblr Accounts.

This page will be moving and our new page can found at FUTURE RADIO NORWICH. To make sure you are still in the loop with everything Future Radio then follow us through this link: http://futureradionorwich.tumblr.com/


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Changes to The Breakfast Show

From Monday, 19th September 2011 The Breakfast Show moves times. The show will start at 7.30 and finish at 9.30, with Community Chest starting half an hour earlier.

Mondays will still be with Dikie Harper, Debs is on air Tuesday mornings, Wednesday’s show will be presented by Di Cunningham, Thursday is with Richard Harrison, and Friday will be with Paul Buller.


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